• 200+ procedures
  • Classrooms with instructor supervision
  • Interactive courseware
  • Desktop and VR training
  • C-130 VMT available for sell


With several dozen Lockheed C-130 Hercules units in service, the Indonesian Air Force decided to acquire a Virtual Maintenance Trainer for this aircraft. The Lockheed C-130 Hercules is a military transport aircraft with an extremely long commercial life. Capable of operating from ground runways, it is a widely used means of transport for airdropping troops and equipment even into hostile areas. Its versatility makes it suitable for many types of missions, support, resupply, firefighting, rescue missions, etc.

Aware of the importance of qualified personnel for the successful completion of maintenance operations, the Air Force wanted to modernize their training capabilities in order to raise their skills to the highest level.


The training system is composed of a virtual simulator for learning and practicing the maintenance procedures and a courseware for familiarization (component location, systems description, etc.). The system thus accompanies the entire student curriculum and covers all the essential aspects of the aircraft maintenance.

The training center is equipped with two classrooms allowing students to learn and practice under the supervision of an instructor.

Students have the possibility to train with VR helmets to obtain a total immersion and an even greater degree of realism.

For the students, practicing the procedures in a virtual way not only speeds up training times but also allows for longer retention of the skills thus acquired, while limiting the use of real aircraft or parts.

For the instructors, this new tool enables a detailed analysis of the students' skills, allowing them to detect the areas where they need to improve by confronting them directly with a large number of situations.


The VMT was developed by a local company that fully took in charge the 3D modeling of the equipment to be reproduced and the implementation of the procedures based on the technical documentation. Trained by DIGINEXT teams(a brand of CS GROUP), the engineers relied on the capabilities of Inscape VTS Editor to implement in a few months several hundreds of interactive procedures.

“Using Inscape VTS has been a tremendous time saver and has allowed us to focus on producing procedures without having to reinvent the editing tools and a distributed system for the end-users”.

The Inscape VTS Player software suite has been deployed in the classroom to allow instructors to launch, supervise and analyze exercises from their workstations.


C-130 VMT available for sell

The Lockheed C-130 Virtual Maintenance Trainer is available for sale to other companies or organizations wishing to acquire it. It is delivered without the specific features of the Indonesian armed forces. It can be used as is or customized to add or modify procedures, integrate specific equipment or manage different variants.

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