Create Field Operator Assistance
applications without coding

With Inscape SW, enter the race of Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality faster.
Create on your own scalable applications for industrial operations with unrivalled productivity gains.

Use the full power of the editor

Take control in the creation of your applications
Use a powerful and
user friendly interface
Plug to your SI
and play
Create scalable
Re use existing
Publish on multi
Save time and money
in producing AR content

Create procedures easily

Discover two different ways to gain productivity

Create step-by-step procedure

No programming skills required. Inscape SW provides all the tools, pre-built blocks and assets that allow you to quickly create efficient procedures for field operators without coding and display them in Augmented Reality or Mixed Reality.

Reuse Cortona 3D procedures

Inscape SW is the unique tool able to reuse and display Cortona animated procedures on Windows Tablet and Hololens devices.

Industry 4.0 ready

Connect to your SI

  • ERP
  • MES
  • SCM
  • PLM
  • CRM
  • etc.

Connect to your IoT

  • OPC UA
  • SNMP
  • MQTT
  • AMQP
  • Modbus
  • JSON

Use a wide variety of augmentations

Build immersive applications fast and include augmentations :

  • 3D Objects
  • Highlighted Subpart
  • Interactive Point of Interest
  • User manual
  • Technical documentation
  • Animated models

Use predefined templates

Don't start from scratch, reuse the proposed application templates to speed up your development time.

Step by step procedure
HoloLens Applications
3D Model Augmented Reality
Image Tracking Augmented Reality

Implement pre-designed modules to your applications

Improve user experience with Inscape SW ready-made features, discover the list of modules for easy rendering.

Blend virtual content to reality

Inscape SW supports the most popular tracking technologies and provides a solution that best suits your use case.

Slam Tracking

Powerful SLAM performs fast tracking initialization with preregistered environment map.


Without CAD data, use basic images and combine them to SLAM tracking.

QR Code

Benefit from fast configuration and detection with the proven QRCode tracking algorithm.

3D Object Tracking

Handle 3D model tracking from CAD data.

Native Device Tracking

AR headsets include tracking technologies compatible with Inscape SW.

Extended Tracking

Allows more freedom and tracking stability with the combination of images or 3D and SLAM tracking.

Publish custom applications

Publish a complete standalone application package including Inscape Player and application data ready to deploy on all your devices and operating systems.

Deploy everywhere

Application created with Inscape can easily be deployed on any device, tablet, smartphone or MR Glasses.

Inscape SW supports Hololens 2

We are a Microsoft Partner since 2018, and fully support Hololens Mixed Reality glasses.
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