Project managers

Benefit from the reliability of a proven software suite, highly customizable, and integrating all the tools necessary for the success of your project.

Master your project lifecycle

Manage your project in all serenity.

Inscape VTS is a professional suite that accompanies the entire lifecycle of your projects: creation of interactive simulations, consistency checks, execution and monitoring of student progress, archiving of results in a database, dependency management, updates with full traceability of modifications.

Open and scalable architecture

The platform is based on open formats and technologies. Each element is highly adaptable through SDK and scripting to integrate seamlessly with the specific requirements of every project.

Inscape VTS can easily be connected to external systems such as Learning Management Systems, Content Management Systems, Source Control Management or Simulation modules.

Rock-solid reliability

Never lose a single training session again.

The Inscape VTS runtime system is built around a fault tolerant distributed architecture. It makes it possible to resume an interrupted session or restore the entire system state event after a general failure: power loss, hardware fault, human error…

Data under control

Respect the highest confidentiality requirements of your customers.

Data encryption ensures that published projects can only be used by the company for which they are intended, and that they cannot be viewed or reopened in other software.

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