Accelerate learning and maximize the retention of information thanks to the supervision and analysis capabilities of the instructor station.

Track students' progress over time and detect areas of weakness to improve their technical skills.


Take advantage of a fully graphical interface to manage classrooms in a very intuitive way. All students' workstations can be supervised at a glance.

Select the exercises to be performed by the students and configure them according to each student's curriculum: initial configuration, available assistance, language, etc.

Inject faults in real time as each student progresses to vary the situations.


Get the most out of every training session. The instructor's station provides you with all the tools needed to deliver an initial knowledge in a highly interactive way and assist students in their progression.


Accelerate skill development by conducting freeplay demonstrations or by completing a specific exercise.


Give more impact to your courses by participating yourself in exercises with one or more players, including in Virtual Reality.


Provide assistance to struggling students directly from the instructor station by selecting among several levels of assistance.


Real-time progress tracking

Follow the progress of all students at a glance or access the details of each current exercise. Support students the best way possible by detecting those who are ahead of time and those who need help.


Make the most of each exercise by reviewing it interactively. The exercise timeline provides an immediate picture of how the exercise was carried out (errors, hesitations...) and allows to jump directly to the most significant events.

Statistics et metrics

Evaluate students' performance based on objective criteria in order to measure their progress and qualify their skills.


Support students' success by delivering a high quality feedback.

  • All student actions are tracked and recorded in a database.
  • A unique wizard allows to prepare a personalized presentation containing the key milestones of a training session accompanied by images and video extracts.
  • The instructor workstation provides access to any past exercise and enables the generation of a complete report for a given session or for a student's entire curriculum.
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