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Accelerate your digitization and save time in your transition to Industry 4.0 with our field support services and our on-the-shelf product inscape SW.

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Ready to face industrial needs

Discover how field assistance can help you digitalize and modernize your processes while benefiting from great ROI.

Enter in high ROI projects

Rapidly get measurable benefits.

Quality Improvement

Reduce errors

50% reduction in training costs

Train better, train faster

Safety Improvement

Both for workers and systems

High learning curve

Accelerate the knowledge transfer

Downtime reduced

Do the right thing at the right time

Make the most of Augmented and Mixed Reality

Find out how to enrich the potential of operators.

See the invisible

Showcase prototypes or present new features and reduce mock-up prices and time-to market. Prepare your workshop by checking at scale the implementation of new equipment in their environment.
Present the interior of existing systems to access for instance the documentation and spare parts list.


Benefit from real-time and step-by-step visual guidance to improve the worker skills and knowledge transfer. Assemble and repair your system, operate your production line, enhance your logistic flows, improve the picking process.


Unleash the capacity of your IoT with AR applications to visualize data from your equipment and sensors. You can now gain control directly on the field.


Work all together, in the same place or remotely and achieve your project goals faster. Whether it's design reviews, crisis management, the possibilities are endless.

Have a project ? Rely on our recognized expertise

DIGINEXT is a leading player in the development of virtual training systems and field assistance applications. As a pioneer in both fields, we develop solutions worldwide.

From light applications to large industrial projects, our tools and experts will provide you with unique capabilities to maximize the impact of the immersive technologies and to ensure the ROI.

Inscape Smart Worker

Demand the best software to accelerate your development
Inscape SW allows you to develop your own Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality applications. You can focus on your initial know-how, the tool is WYSIWYG and does not require any programming skills.
  • Accelerate your transformation by importing your existing contents (3Ds, media, Cortona 3D procedures).
  • Facilitate the addition of information and the connection to your information system (IS) thanks to the integrated libraries and templates.
  • Publish on all your mobile devices.
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