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  • Ground Vehicles training devices
  • Virtual Reality with gesture-based interactions
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ARQUUS is a leading military vehicle manufacturing company, European specialist in light and medium wheeled armored vehicles. Member of the Volvo Group, ARQUUS delivers several thousand vehicles each year to land forces around the world. Its products are marketed in 190 countries around the world, totaling several tens of thousands of vehicles supplied. For more than a century and the development of the FT 17 - the first tank to be produced in mass production - ARQUUS has had an internationally recognized know-how, illustrated by one of its commercial successes: the VAB. This 13-ton troop transport vehicle - originally sold to more than 25 countries in 5,000 units - remains, thirty years after its entry into service, one of the main armored vehicles deployed by the French Army in operations.

With more than 500 customers trained each year, ARQUUS is also a key partner for many armies around the world. Striving to facilitate the training of maintenance technicians and to constantly improve the operational availability of its vehicles, ARQUUS wishes to develop innovative solutions to improve the efficiency and attractiveness of its training courses.


Aware of the tremendous potential of Virtual Reality for operations training, ARQUUS wanted to provide training systems compatible with an immersive usage. Indeed, this technology offers an unrivalled degree of realism, maximizing the impact, learning speed and retention time of the technicians' skills. The full-scale display makes it possible for students to experience the difficulties of accessibility in a very concrete way. In addition, it has been proven that the actual execution of the various movements of manipulation and of the tools usage further enhances the acquisition of skills.

The maintenance simulators developed for ARQUUS thus take advantage of the latest technological innovations for enhanced pedagogy.  They enable technicians to manipulate a real digital twin of the equipment in a virtual environment, without any risk to themselves or the equipment. A virtual tablet provides access to technical documentation and other commands. Students can work in teams in the same environment to practice together operations requiring several people in real life. The students and even their instructor can see their respective avatars, designate the parts to be worked on, mimic the operations to be performed or exchange tools as in real life.

For the instructor, these systems represent a significant advantage over traditional training methods. From his or her position, the instructor can assign students the exercises to be performed, monitor their progress, provide help at different levels when students are stuck, and even enter the virtual environment to explain by himself or herself the gestures to be performed. The system offers total traceability and allows to review each exercise on a desktop computer or in VR in order to maximize the impact of each session.

These Virtual Maintenance trainers will reduce equipment downtime and avoids deterioration due to manipulation during training. Plus, it facilitates skill acquisition and training with a solution that is available 24/7 and available to multi players. This training solution is extremely competitive and very cost-effective compared to traditional training.


ARQUUS training systems take full advantage of the versatility and modularity of the Inscape VTS runtime platform: the pedagogical modules developed in the editor can be deployed instantaneously on a standalone workstation and in classrooms, for single or multiplayer training, including in Virtual Reality on various consumer helmets.

The Inscape VTS editor allows subject matter experts without any knowledge of programming or 3D computer graphics to develop training simulators by themselves: importing the digital CAD model, creating the interactivity of the different vehicle parts, creating 3D animations and implementing procedures are done graphically in a single tool, with the mouse and without typing a single line of code. The pedagogical content can then be exploited in different forms.

Following the first prototypes, ARQUUS decided to acquire the editor Inscape VTS and to train its own experts in the production of the content.

Strategic partnership

ARQUUS has established a strategic partnership with DIGINEXT in the development of innovative virtual reality solutions for training in the maintenance of land-based equipment. Based on DIGINEXT's Inscape VTS, ARQUUS and DIGINEXT will offer immersive 3D solutions of a very high level of quality and innovation, in order to meet ever higher training expectations for complex systems.

For ARQUUS, this partnership will strengthen its service offering to be offered to its customers throughout the world, in line with its ambitions for development through innovation. For DIGINEXT this partnership will consolidate its development strategy for Virtual Maintenance Trainer dedicated to land vehicles.
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