This contract includes the development of a new generation Virtual Maintenance Trainer delivering a user-friendly interface and high-fidelity 3D rendering. The system will be based on the latest evolution of Inscape VTS offering advanced free play capabilities. The students will benefit from an in-depth and comprehensive training thanks to the simulation of numerous systems (avionics, electrical, mechanical, etc.). Guided scenarios will allow trainees to operate these virtual trainers in self-training. Instructors will take advantage of advanced supervision and debriefing capabilities including the possibility to create their own exercises by injecting faults into the virtual system.
Different simulators will be available allowing students to practice the training content in different forms to cover all aspects of the training: classroom workstations, 1:1 scale replicas providing collaborative work, augmented reality devices to practice on holographic virtual equipment.


Beyond these modern training capabilities, the real expected breakthrough is the native possibility of evolution of the training contents. Building on the capabilities of Inscape VTS Editor, the system will enable the evolution of aircraft configuration, customization of training scenarios, and the ability to reflect updates in technical publications.
The fully graphical interface will allow subject-matter experts to make these modifications by themselves, which will then be automatically deployed in the various training systems. This capability already paves the way for future TIGER modifications, in particular the mid-life update of MkIII.

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