Safran Aircraft Engines (previously SNECMA) is as a French aerospace engine manufacturer. It designs, makes and maintains engines for commercial and military aircraft as well as rocket engines for launch vehicles and satellites.

SNECMA entrusted DIGINEXT with the definition, prototyping and experimentation of its new Augmented Reality based support application of production machine maintenance operations.


"the valve must be closed before proceeding further
DIGINEXT leveraged its technical expertise and experiences to give SNECMA a comprehensive overview of the available AR software and hardware technologies and to help select the most appropriate ones in SNECMA’s context of intervention.

The developed application, which has been successfully tested in job in order to accurately evaluate the quantitative and qualitative gains in SNECMA’s training and operation activities. After having chosen which maintenance procedure the operator wants to perform, the user is guided to the starting point on the machine and the procedure is launched.

In addition to regular features such as step by step guidance, photos, time tracking and report edition, an important achievement was the quality control based on visual computing : the application can check whether a vale is opened or not, is the buckets have be reassembled at the right place, etc.


The solution is based on Cortona 3D and Inscape SW. SNECMA gains full control over the data produced and can maintain and upgrade the application thanks to the advanced authoring tools.

Inscape SW includes an advanced authoring tool that enable subject matter experts to produce advanced content easily without coding skills. Our team provide advanced expertise to develop new features and conducts comprehensive training to increase the competence of customer teams.
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