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Airbus is the world’s largest airliner manufacturer. It designs, manufactures and sells civil and military aerospace products worldwide. Its division Airbus Commercial Aircraft is based in Blagnac near Toulouse with . With up to 800 planes delivered per year, safety, time and quality are key factors for effective manufacturing.

Airbus wishes to improve assembly efficiency by implementing interactive guides displaying 3D animations superimposed on the real environment in Augmented Reality.


Bringing existing documentation directly to the field offers tremendous benefits. Augmented Reality is a key technology to visualize various instructions from documentation to 3D animated procedures superimposed to the reality. All the attention of the companion is focused on the operations to be carried out thanks to the instructions displayed right in the field of view resulting in reduced cognitive load, increased safety and time and costs savings.

Airbus benefits from the most accurate tracking capabilities based on 3D models and therefore does not require the preliminary installation of specific markers.  The deployed solution allows an excellent assimilation of the procedure phases and the operational risks are reduced.


In order to provide the best possible assistance to the filed engineers, Airbus chose to use 3D documentation made with Cortona3D. Indeed, digital continuity is ensured, subject matter experts can reuse existing procedures and display them in Augmented Reality  thanks to the advanced features of the Inscape SW editor. Based on a WYSIWYG interface and on a specific template, the integration of the Cortona3D procedures is immediate and allows a rapid deployment, in the field, of Augmented Reality procedures.

Inscape SW also enabled to iterate quickly on several tracking algorithms in order to identify which one is the most adapted to the specific use case.

Inscape SW thus enables the tools and methods department teams of various companies to develop innovative applications, responding to field challenges, in complete autonomy without any developer skills.

Play Cortona3D documentation in Augmented Reality


As the pioneer in Augmented Reality Cortona3D connector, DIGINEXT (a brand of CS GROUP) is the software editor of Inscape SW and also a reseller and content developer of Cortona3D.

As a customer, you can rely on an advanced expertise for this use case.

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